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gtklipsum is a gtk2 interface to written in ruby. It retrieves the output of the generator and displays it directly in the window. Gtklipsum minimizes the need to open the browser to generate Lorem Ipsum dummy text, and also saves webmaster's bandwidth, as it uses the xml interface instead of downloading the whole html page.


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Current version is 0.1-r2 and includes a recent German translation. You can downoad the package gtklipsum-0.1-r2.

Other versions and files are available through the SourceForge File Release System. If you want to be really up to date, you may download the newest version of the package from the subversion repository, using for example this command:
svn co gtklipsum
It's also possible to browse the repository online, using sourceforge's svn browser.


Gtklipsum is written in ruby, so the main required package is of course the ruby interpreter. This program will also need gtk2 library (which is present in almost every linux distribution), and its bindings for ruby, available from the ruby-gnome2 package. Remember to provide the libglade library along with gtk2. If you want to use different language version(currently Polish and German), you have to have the ruby-gettext package, which is optional.


Download desired version from your favourite sourceforge mirror or subversion repository. Unpack it and run ./lipsum.rb or type ruby lipsum.rb in your terminal window. If you want to use locales, you have to run ./make_loc. This will compile the .po files.

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There are currently two people who contributed:


MichaƂ Trybus (komar007 at gmail dot com)


Me, and
Gerald Zehetner (gerald.zehetner at zege dot at)
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